TM – Doing Role Player

After doing my introductory speech and a few table topic speeches, I tried to do role players. At first, I volunteered for grammarian which I later thought that it supposed to be someone who had been in the club quite some time (maybe more than 6 months). But, I challenged myself to see how good I am in listening skills. I would say that it was hard. Being attentively listen to people giving speech is a hard work. This is where my lack is and there is a lot of room for me to improve. But one thing I was excited was I managed to introduce word of the day: euphoria. I was glad that everyone was excited to use the word. Very enthusiastic, very euphoria. Since then, I spot the word everywhere. Impressive.  
Then, I took the opportunity to be the “Ah”-counter. This task is easier than grammarian. But, I caught myself listening and admiring other speakers’ presentation rather than counted the “ahs” from each speakers. It was a good practice, though. 

In order to improve these two roles, here are my action item list:

1. Study other speakers on Youtube or other websites. Then, analyze their speech. 

2. For future meetings, I need to take note of other speakers and analyze them once I got home. 

Hopefully by this my listening skills and speaking skills will improve. Let’s see in one year’s time!


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