TM-My First Speech

I did it! My first prepared speech. It was awesomeeee! The first speech was a story telling where I need to introduce myself to the audience. I hate to open up myself too quickly to new people. But, just go with it. I will not post my speech here since I think it is quite personal for me to publicly publish. Well, what can I say, I am introvert shy person. I don’t easily open up myself to people who I don’t know yet.

Anyway, my first speech was indeed good and the audience loved my speech. I talked about happy moments which lead to tragic incident and lastly I put it as lesson learned. My evaluator said that I had an organize speech that captured the audience attention. Haha. I remembered people looked very serious when I talked about the tragic incident. And they all quiet! Ergh.. that added on to my nervousness.

The general evaluator said to me once the meeting was over that my speech was good, even though my voice is soft but it gave very good impact to the speech. Well I feel glad that went over. Now move on to the next speech- Organize My Speech.

Will update later!

Stay positive and have courage.


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