TM – “Unconditional Love”

Continue from my journey in Toastmaster club. 

I have eventually become a Toastmaster member! HOORAY! It’s awesome but scary as well. I was dreadful to go to the first officially member meeting. My energy was depleted because I am tired from my work and mentally I was not prepare. But, like it or not, I need to force myself. I do not want to give up. 

So, what I did was I keep remind myself of my intention is to do it for Allah’s sake. Although I could not know how it is going to benefit me in the future, I keep my believe strong. For sure, it’s hard. I have no idea how I look like during the meeting, but I think I look tired. But that’s okay as long as I was there and deliver my speech, I have achieve one step higher. 

I was “encouraged” to present the first table topic. I was assignes to talk about unconditional love. Luckily, I already know what I want to say since we already given the theme of the day. Hence, I talk about the “love is in the air” airline promotion I received in my email as my introduction. Well, the people does not seem to be interested. HAHA you know when people look at you when you think you make a joke but the message does not deliver? Then, I just continued to talk about unconditional love which focus on a mother’s love. I just brag on until it was 2 minutes. People who did the table topic after me were less than 2 minutes and have better message. Well, we all have our own weakness and room to improve. After all, we all different! 

That’s okay. It always hard at the beginning. I hope I can be consistent and positive throughout being a member of toastmaster! 


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