TM-Onto My New Journey

It’s a new year!!! 2017. I’m older but going wiser (hopefully).

New year means new resolution. This is where people talk about resolutions, basically everywhere.

So, my new journey of 2017 is going to be improving myself. Hence, I decided to taking part into Toastmaster club. What is a Toastmaster club? It’s not a club where some people thought that we enjoy ourselves by dancing with loud music turned on. But, it is aclub where we ‘enjoying’ ourselves by giving a speech. 

That’s right.

This is a club where we improves our communication skill, presentation skill, social skill, positive mind and a lot more benefits (with a condition we make full advantage of it). 

So, this is a place where I want to participate and improve myself. I will update more later on.

See you next time! Have an awesome day!


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