Off You Go Comfort Zone

Don’t we all love lying on our own bed, eating the food we love, being with people we trust and living a life where nothing outside of our routine disturb us? Being in comfort zone is absolutely tremendous. And I mean it. 

But what is life without challenges and facing fears? I don’t mean searching for a dragon to slave or lying in a tub full of snakes and poisonuos insects. Just a simple change into our daily routine such as eating salad everyday or walk/jog for 20 minutes every morning. 

I was taught by Islam that a good muslim is a person who is better today than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today. Through out my life, I have been practicing that. Become an early riser, eating healthy food, have a good attitude towards other people especially to my parents. Right now, what I want is to improve my major weakness, which is my communication skill and how I portray myself. It has been a long time I been keeping my style of shyness and timid. Yeah, I changed a bit positively, but sometimes I still have difficulties when talking to people and to have a small talk(especially in English and talking to people who I don’t really feel connected to). And most importantly I have difficulties to explain about ideas, market myself and asking a good questions. 

So, next, what I want to do is to make an action plan and joining a local toastmaster is one of them. Actually, I took a speech class during my degree and been several times attended the toastmaster clubs but I was not ready at that time. Hopefully, I will be able to join in this time around. It’s now or never!

I will keep an update to my journey. Pray for my success!! 
P/S: Recently, I stop driving to work everyday (the main reason is because my seasonal parking company raised the fee ridiculously!)  and taking the train (new station just operated). But, occasionally I drive to work too. It was hard at first since I don’t like standing too long and I used to drive to anywhere I want, but after two weeks, I feel it’s not that bad as long the train is working! Hoorayyy!!


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