Terapi Berfikir Positive by Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky

بسم الله الرحمن الرحم


This is my first book that I want to review. It is one of my favorite books that gives motivation to me whenever I felt negativities pour inside my mind. 

I let you know a little bit about the author. He is Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky. He was a world ping pong player represents Egypt in 1969. He has lots of recognitions, certifications and experience in motivating people especially towards employees. 

About the book, I think the language is easy to understand ( I have the Bahasa Malaysia edition) and there are also pictures so that reader will not find it too boring.

Dr. Ibrahim divided the book into five main parts. He introduced the reader with understand about our mind, thinking and the power inside our brain. Then, he elaborated on negative thinking and positive thinking inside his next two parts. Lastly, in his last two parts, these are where the action that the reader should take. 

For me, this book inspires me with the stories from the author’s past experience especially with regards to his patient (or clients). The way he told those stories we can link to our daily life as well. Besides that, I love the part where he keeps repeating quote from Quran where Allah did not change a person’s life until he change himself. This quote is really powerfull even though I read the book for the second time. Of course, he also included quotes from other well known people too.

What I really like the most is that the author puts the steps need to be taken in order to instill positive thinking into our mind. These are the highlight of the book where we can practice in our daily life. Of course this would take so many months (or probably years!) to make it as habit, but I think this book is a thumbs up! Out of five stars, I would give it as four and half stars (the half stars I save it since I am still not adapt to the steps taught in the book).
*Let me tell you how long i took to even started to draft this review. It took me more than one week to start! This show how I am not a book lover, at least not for now. Hopefully I can read books once a month ( my target for now).

Till my next review!


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